Why you'll love Hatch Chicken Skin Chips!
Our chicken chips provide a healthy way for you to enjoy the taste of rotisserie chicken mess-free & on-the-go. 
Will Hatch Chicken Skin Chips work with my diet?
Our chicken chips are a great low carb, high protein snack. They are keto friendly, gluten free, dairy free, and are consistent with the new age of diets.
What are Hatch Chicken Skin Chips made from and why did we choose to make them this way?
We chose to make our chips out of chicken skins because they provide the perfect combination of crispiness & taste while also having a SUPER healthy nutritional profile (12g of protein, no sugar, 0g of carbs).
But chicken skins contain decent levels of fat, what's up with that?
True, however it is primarily made from unsaturated fat, otherwise known as the GOOD fat, which is believed to be associated with lowering high cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure.
Where are  Hatch Chicken Skin Chips produced?
On the sunny shores of Southern California.
What's inside each bag of  Hatch Chicken Skin Chips?
Super tasty, crispy chips, made from real chicken, that are low in carbs & packed with protein.
How are our chips made?
They are handmade in small batches and wok fried.
Do  Hatch Chicken Skin Chips contain anything artificial?
No way. We keep everything all natural.
Can I eat  Hatch Chicken Skin Chips if I’m lactose-intolerant?
Absolutely! Our chicken chips are dairy-free.
Are  Hatch Chicken Skin Chips gluten free?
We are 100% gluten free.
After I place my order, when will my shipment arrive?
We use standard ground shipping. You can expect your products in 2-5 days after they ship.
What is your return policy?
If there is an issue with your order that is within our control please send us an email at and we will make it right. 
Do you ship internationally?
We only ship to the US.
What happens if we're out of stock?
Please sign up for the latest at the bottom of your screen and we will notify you when an item is back in stock.
Where does HATCH source its ingredients?
We work with local farmers and suppliers across the US.